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Thread: Advice on scope mounts for a Bsa Cf2 please

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    Advice on scope mounts for a Bsa Cf2 please

    Hi Folks, I have just bought a nice old Bsa Cf2 and was wondering if anyone has advice about scope mounts and eye relief, bolt throw etc. I am going to scope it with either a 30mm S&B 3-12 Zenith or a 1" S&B 6x42. It has weaver bases.

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    The CF2 accepts the same mounts as the Rem 700 so the choice is huge. BSA made the bolt quite low. Take your pick.

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    Thank you for the information, if its not too much bother does anyone know whether they are using medium or high rings and the manufacturer with a 1" S&B 6x42 on this rifle, as I would like to get the scope as low as possible.No doubt the 50mm will need high mounts.Cheers
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    Ahh ok are you sticking with the Weaver bases?

    Now to give you an idea this in my 7x57 CF2 with a Lisenfeld 3-9x42 fitted using Apel Roll off mounts:-

    CF2 Stutzen with Hilver mounts (mediums) with Pecar 3-7x36 scope:-

    That might help you judge. I am not keen on the look of the Weaver bases myself so have never tried them on the CF2's.

    You will probably have to watch fro clearance on the barrel reinforce as it's quite large and long on the CF2's.

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    I tried all sorts to get clearance with a s&b 8x56 and the bolt was a little to close for my liking, I changed to a leupold qr set and had no problems.

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    Many thanks,food for thought there - Some great looking rifles ! I can't wait to shoot my one.

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    Oh keep an eye out for Apel BSA mounts they don't sell well it seems. I picked those Apel Roll offs up for 60 in the boxe new. No one wanted to spend out on Apel for an old BSA................... . Often wonder how many Rem 700 and other rifles of the same profile looked at them then put them back. Oh they were 30mm rings too which are holding a Tasco Titan on my P-H 1100 Lwt. I picked up some 1" rings used and Row Wharton found me a set of used bases so i got two Apel roll off sets for just over 100.

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    The german mounts are works of art if you appreciate such things. I had a phase of collecting 1920's/ 30's german optics - I was especially keen on the Akah brand and mauser factory mounts.

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    Bought some warne mounts, but unfortunately the front weaver base needs to extend back about another 5 or 6mm for eye relief, as the scope won't sit far back enough before the objective bell snarls on the ring. Its ok at a pinch, but will need sorting out. You can buy an extended base in the states, but seem hard to source in the uk. I think its a weaver #40a base i need.
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    I'm wondering whether the Burris Extreme tactical bases for the rem 700 will work as the front base is reversable.

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