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Thread: Only gone and broke my ribs again........

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    Only gone and broke my ribs again........

    I had arranged to see Cyres this morning,but I had to call off last thing as I just couldn't put up with the pain I had been in from the afternoon before........Sorry David
    I had to take my mates Basset hound for a walk on the lead yesterday,and he is a whacking great big'un and strong as hell.Well,he pulled and jerked like an old steam train,and that is all I can think that done it,I was at the A&E today and told me that the ribs I broke on my right side in the RTA in Oct had given way again,and by feck was it paining,it is like a knife blade being jiggled about in my side.There's nothing that can be done for fractured ribs so it is more of the same last 8 weeks grinning and bearing it.......when is my luck going to change for feck sake!!


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    ah, you'll be up and running for the start of the bucks, could be worse

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    ..when is my luck going to change for feck sake!!
    When you stop and think a bit...................................... sprry but you are going to HAVE to take things slower and easier or your going to really mess your self up. THINK you can put one of the rib ends through a lung then where will you be?

    Sorry to be blunt but it had to be said. get well soon but take it easier.

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    I think you might be right BH I aint getting no younger.

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    Take it easy mate and care for those ribs. When i was young, stupid and thought myself immortal i broke my ribs many times whilst playing rugby and jumping in the army. I just didn't allow them to mend properly and as a result they're knackered and weak. I popped one a few months back whilst sneezing.

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    I think your bloody jinxed mate . regards pete .

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    Thought about giving you a ring on route home from BOA last night but it was late, and so decided best not too. Sorry to hear your predicament must be awful, you need to spend the winter in the sun can't you temp relocate to s Spain?

    That aside there was another accident last night on the A46 on the same bend as my collision. I must say I do feel some what apprehensive when travelling up that bit of road at night.

    I will get over to see you in the week: flowers or choccies!!!!



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    Bloody hell, Martin, and I bet you breathed a sigh of relief when 2011 passed. I hope your ribs mend and your luck improves very soon.

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    I fell and broke two ribs on Christmas Eve last year. The pain was excruiating, never felt anything like it. The rough ends of two broken bits were rubbing together.

    You really need to rest up and recover. Minimal activity for at least a month.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    It is unlikely that you broke your ribs, it sounds more like you tore your intercostal muscles, which in my opinion is even more painful having done both myself. However, having re read your original post and seen that you visited the A&E, I stand corrected.
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