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Thread: New member from pembrokeshire

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    New member from pembrokeshire

    Hello and greetings to everyone on the forum.
    My name is Pete Jones, I am a bushcrafter/Paleo-Artist from Pembrokeshire. At the moment i am not in a position to stalk deer (no permission or FAC) although it is definitely something i strive to do. I currently hunt rabbits,wood pigeon etc with an air rifle which end up on the table as i disagree with methods of producing meat you find in the supermarket
    One of my main reasons i wish to start stalking is due to the fact one of my hobbies for a while now has been Brain Tanning Deer hides. I do this in the ancient native American fashion not using ANY chemicals all i use is wood ash to buck the leather then a solution of Brains or brains/eggs to tan the leather. The leather is then smoked to stabilise the tanning process. Unlike chemical tans brain tanning preserves leather using proteins present in the brain. The leather you are left with is very supple but strong suede leather with an almost brushed cotton texture.
    One of the main benefits i think is that it is the most environmentally friendly method of tanning. No chemicals are used as a mentioned before, The standard method of tanning deer hides is Chromate tan which means an oxidizing and possibly carcinogenic compound is produced which can do no end of damage to the environment. The wood ash i use is recycled from my smoker, The wood i collect myself from woodlands and is standing dead wood or hazel which i coppice myself so no trees are destroyed. The one problem i have is lack of skins, i have only been able to obtain 8 roe deer and 7 red deer this season from an associate of my parents who kindly gave them to me. If i was able to stalk not only would it be possible for me to put food on the table but also use all the by products of the deer for craft work, Bones, hooves, sinew and skins.

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    Welcome to the site, I think. I'm not sure after reading your intro just what it is you are expecting or looking for, but it all sounds commendable.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site Pete. Before I started stalking and did some tanning of deer skins Nigel Williams the butchers in Prendergast nr Haverfordwest (SA61 2PF) would give me fallow skins for free. The problem in Pembs is there are no wild deer other than the odd report of Muntjac near Slebech.

    If you paid postage I am sure a few people on here would sort you out with some... I often visit family in pembs so could drop you off skins then if you pm me your details.

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    Pete, likewise, we come up to Pembs regularly so pm details and I will try to bring some along.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome and the help guys. I am in Havefordwest not far from Tesco.

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    In which case the butchers I pointed out above will definitely be close enough to help you!

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    Hi, yes i have been over to Nigel Williams and had a few hides from them. That is where i got the red deer.

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    I will bear you in mind, we should be up that way end of Feb if not before.

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    Hi Pete,

    Welcome onboard, I dont shoot many each year but you would be welcome to the skins i do shoot.

    Once the weather breaks we are in St Davids most weekends. when i get some i will drop you a PM and make contact.

    Enjoy the site theres some good guys on here.


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    Pete still hasn't pm'd me with is details. If you want some skins get in touch!

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