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Thread: Stalking in Lake District

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    Stalking in Lake District


    I've booked a week's holiday at a cottage just outside Hawkshead in the Lakes, in late April / early May. I like to have a day out stalking when I'm on holiday in the UK. Could anyone reccomend a guide in that area. I am not bothered about what species and I'm not particularly interested in trophies - just a day out with good company and the chance of a deer is enough.

    I've seen a website for a place called Forest Hall Farm / Estate. The site looked quite old, but the pricing structure seems very complicated compared with what I'm used to. It looks pricey too.

    I'd be grateful for any reccomendations on this.

    Thanks in advance.



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    They would be who I would suggest and they are close to hawshead. BASC have a permit scheme at thirlmere that is accompanied and not too far away. Lowther estates also take people out but its pricey and further away. If neither of these are any good then send me a pm as there is someone else that I could put you in touch with but i would need to phone him first to check its ok to give out his details.



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    Lindow Estates google will give you there website they are excellent, good numbers about and Geoff and Jill are really good to deal with.

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    Jonathan Standing would be my firm recommendation. Excellent stalker, good company and a talented taxidermist. I will happily pm you his number if you like. .

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    + 1 for Jonathan Standing. Exactly as Moonraker68 says.

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    you wont go far wrong with jonathan,born and bread in the lakes.

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    Jonatahn is the stalker on Forest Hall by the way

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    Might be worth contacting Jonathan direct to check prices and how they are calculated? I know he has quite a bit of ground, both hill and woodland, and he was pretty reasonable when I stalked with him in November 2010.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    Lindow Estates google will give you there website they are excellent, good numbers about and Geoff and Jill are really good to deal with.
    I too was fortunate enough to meet Geoff and Gill of Lindow Estates and have a days stalking with Geoff a while ago. Excellent down to earth guy with some nice land/woodland to stalk or high seats if that floats your boat.

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