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Thread: YDS spreads its wings

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    YDS spreads its wings

    Over the last 2 years I have been travelling europe hunting.
    I have made contacts and can now offer driven hunts next winter in various TRIED locations for boar, moose, roe, whitetail deer, as well as predators (inc. wolf, jackal, fox, wild cat and lynx).
    pm me and i will start a mailing list then when the dates come in i can forward you the details.
    regards john.
    destinations are finland, bulgaria, denmark and possibly sweden.
    if you wnt something special give me a chance i will see what i can do.
    regards john

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    put me down, got a friend who has a house in sweden with a big bunk house.

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    Can you put me on your list!

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    2 things.
    firstly i have produced a promo video with pictures also for big game hunting trips this year.(inc france,denmark,finland and sweden).
    It is available for 4 returnable on booking.
    An update on trips, the denmark cinema has still got spaces for shooters.
    france looks real popular and i should have a full package price by the weekend, it will be first come first go.
    finland (nov) has 3 gone maybe 5.
    sweden has intest
    as has laplnd bird hunt.

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    does that mean I can have a free copy mate

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    package price now includes hotel, papers and tranlators and meal on the shootday
    French pig hunt 1 day driven and 1 night in paris area.
    fly 24th oct stay over and shoot return on the 25th oct.
    package price, flights guns ect incl.(Flights if similar to todays booking price). Flying from Luton.
    upto 22 guns, upto x2 pigs each. red + fallow are extra, no roe.
    6 now confirmed and awaiting replies from 10, so still room.
    .270 minimum and NO military calibres, shotguns with slugs are fine.
    pm me for more details. I am going myself to be there and help with the events.
    This is now creating some real interest since the dvd has gone out, don't be disapointed.

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    Can you put me down for the mailing list please

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    Could you send me prices and dates please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan413 View Post
    Could you send me prices and dates please
    for which trips/countries/species?
    regards john

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