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Thread: Kennel Bedding

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    Kennel Bedding

    Can anyone give me some suggestions as to the best bedding for the kennel. I have used straw before but found that 1 of them kept
    urinating in it. Anyone use anything different, Shredded paper, shavings etc.

    Thanks Luke

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    I have used shredded paper, hay and vet bed all had there downsides. I am using coarse shavings and they are ok, the dogs like them and they smell nice if changed when needed.

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    How much do you put in, enough for them to get dug into?

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    Its probably 5" or so deep, anymore and it ends up in the run.

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    i use shreded paper the pups drag it all over

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    Nowt but an old jumper or jacket anything else ends up scattered everywhere.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I'm a joiner and make lots of shavings, my first dog died of a tumour on it's lungs and I always wondered if it was the dust in the shavings in the workshop where it spent most weekdays with me that killed it. As humans we are warned of the dangers of wood dust, it is a killer.

    Anyone use that foam rubber stuff that they use in stables?

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    I use shredded tea bag material.
    Buy it by the bale.

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    Look at sundown red it's a chopped straw shavings mix and smells nice u can also buy chopped cardboard all equine stores will sell a good selection to look at with various dust free options

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