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    Hi All,

    I made my first intro back in October 2010 when I put in my FAC application, I have been lurking on and off since then. Figured that a re-introduction was necessary after such a long lurk.

    I got my FAC in January and promptly used my saved up pennies to buy a shiny new Sako 85 .243 and a Browning .22. Passed my DSC 1 in February to my own surprise. Had a mentoring condition put on my FAC for deer (unrestricted for fox - still can't really get my head around that one) and have struggled to get as much stalking in with my Mentor as I would have liked. Went out for a few unfruitful stalks before the fallow does went out of season last year, then as I have next to no bucks on my land outside of the rut used the .243 for foxes only through the summer and slaughtered a lot of rabbits with the .22. Don't really fancy smelly rutting bucks for the freezer so left the deer well alone until recently.

    Happy to say I, at long last, bagged my first fallow doe the weekend before Christmas , butchered her and and served up a venison curry for 30 on Boxing Day - made it all very worthwhile - very big smiles indeed.

    Hoping to get a couple more in the bag ASAP and get the mentoring condition removed sharpish. Mentor probably happy to sign me off today but feels than FEO will probably want to see more documented kills so leaving it for a bit.

    I am keen to get other accompanied stalking in on more productive land in the South East to get the experience up, not sure how that is possible with the mentoring restriction but if anyone has any advice?...

    I would like to say what a fantastic resource this site is, even for a lowly lurker like me - I hope to be a more active participant as my stalking progresses.


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    Welcome, again . Glad you are making progress.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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