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Thread: good deer ground

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    good deer ground

    This is how i would view a good piece of ground 1st year hit it hard try to shoot it out a good piece of ground should regenerate for the following year i would allways be wary of someone offering ground and saying we dont shoot does not mature ones just young this would indicate to me that there is low numbers resident on that ground deer move into good feeding ground so numbers should stay up if they dont improve on second year i reckon the ground is just average this is my opinion any one else have a thought on this matter this thread is about good ground

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    Good deer ground to me dose not need to hold hundreds but it needs to have everything the deer want and no mater what you shoot the deer will be waiting to fill it.

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    I guess this technique for assessing ground supposes that the surrounding ground is not being managed by someone with a similar technique or there would be no deer in year two. I am not convinced this method beats census taking and pyramidal management.
    I think that any management of a ground should be done in consultation with other stalkers in the same area and that deer management groups on the whole are a good idea.
    If anyone proposed trying to manage my land with the above method I personally would think that the potential stalker would be a fly-by-night if the ground did not yield what the stalker thought was enough to keep him happy and that I would be left in year two with an absent stalker and few deer.

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    Could not help but think I had missed the beginning of January and landed on April the 1st
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    Quote Originally Posted by bunwell wood shoot View Post
    Could not help but think I had missed the beginning of January and landed on April the 1st

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    I got the impression it was a wind up post but thought that as it's a new year I might start the year in benevolent fashion.

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    You dont say wether you are looking to manage the ground as a long term lease or you have been asked to hit hard ie forestry ready for replanting ???????

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    I was assuming (right or wrongly) That the viewing of good ground was at its beginning the management of the ground would need to be set out on this area afterwards.
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    sounds like see deer shoot deer . Good management that!!!!! if we all had that attitude towards deer there wouldn,t be any left.
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    Management begins a long time before the trigger is pulled. Had a few folk who didn't know that I stalk come knocking on my door trying to get stalking. Anyone who told me they would be able to start the shooting tomorrow would be laughed out of the house if they thought they could shoot before assessing the population and discussing the current year's and the long term plan with me.

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