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Thread: bent barrel air rifle

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    bent barrel air rifle

    hi there. not really after advice as for now im sorted but just thought i would post this.

    i have been given an air rifle by our neighbour. it has travelled from england to south africa to canada and back here in its life time so i expected it to have a few knocks but couldnt get the scope i put on it adjusted enough to get within a foot of the target which is only 50 foot away. so i tried a differant scope and this was the same. i have ended putting shims of aluminium can and foil turkey roasting tray under the scope tube on the front mount and its now putting 5 shots touching with no problem at all.
    i cant see any play when the action is closed so it must be a bent barrel.

    my daughter is now eight and this christmas we managed to get out in the garden and start her on the road to a safe and good shot.

    im not that fussed about this gun as she is not yet stong enough to carry it but when she is she ca use my precharged falcon to go proper shooting.

    i found by removing the butt pad it got her just close enough to comfortably reach the trigger and i have put some foam pipe insulation on the comb to help with eye alignment.

    just a some lighter ramblings after the recent firearms related news

    regards pete

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    The Gecado 27 I had as a kid had a slightly bent barrel, one could see it when looking through.
    Didn't stop me taking out the street lamps at about 80yds though, they had normal bulbs back then.

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    HW35 was well known for the bends. Must admitt you are more patient than me as I sold mine and bought an HW77K which was a great wee rifle but weighed a tonne !
    Still use an air rifle now for clearing farm sheds of feral pigeons but, like you, have progressed to a pre charged.

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    thats made me smile. this is a gecado model 35 in .177. it seems very consistent now were on target. would of liked the original iron sights on it so she could learn with them as well but its most likely nowadays that any hunting rifle is going to have a scope anyway

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    my first air rifle was a hw 77k. as you say ways a tonne but what a rifle. i saved for it with christmas and birthday money for a couple of years and got it when i was fourteen. yikes that was 19 years ago. i stuggled to cock it only being small myself but what great memories it has given me. it is now sitting round my dads for when the squirrels invade. i certainly wouldnt want to take the butt pad off and stick foam to that so quite pleased to get given this one even with a bent barrel

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    good old memories. i had meteors mercury's airsporter's a relum then on to hw35s and a feinwerkbau had loads of them bought my 1st 12 bore a yeoman with rabbit money made one autum with a hw35, it's a shame that here in ireland an air rifle requires a licence the same as a 223 there is a pre airsporter bsa club 177 sitting back home that will need a home someday

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    Yeah some rifle, great trigger, super consistent and lugging it around gave you big muscles. As a teenage lad you couldn't go wrong !
    Tried an HW97 not so long ago and they still weigh a tonne. Now use an HW60 in .22 that carries all the characteristics of the air rifles - build quality, great trigger, accurate but is much much lighter !

    What is it about air rifles that make most guys go misty eyed ?

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    david t

    i guess air rifles just bring back memories of learning to shoot with what felt like the best rifle in the world. all that power and you felt you could shoot and hit any target. its that first rabbit. having to creep closer and closer seeing every twig and leaf that could make a noise. then your heart was racing concerned that you kill it cleanly and the utter joy of everything going right.......... just like stalking really wasnt it.

    i picked up the hw 60 when i was in sportsman on holiday and was very impressed. felt like i had had it for years. sadly though the funds cant stretch that far.

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    Bent barrels designed to shoot round corners Talk about heavy though I have a Diana 52, cracking rifle but recoils worse than my 223. Very effective with pigeon around buildings.

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    im always suprised by the hw77k it jumps all over the place. the rifle im using with my daughter though seems pretty good she dosnt flinch at all and is nice and smooth on the trigger. have really enjoyed starting to teach her to shoot and so far she loves it.

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