I have just written to my local M.P. Andrew Turner thanking him for his assistance in dealing with Hampshire Police last year. For those who don't know Andrew he is a really hard working constituency M.P. willing to defy party whips and well versed on and sympathetic to rural issues. I have also taken the opportunity to draw his attention to the recent request by ACPO for a fees increase, the inconsistencies between the various Constabularies in administering the Firearms Act, lack of minimum administration standards and best practice in the Home Office Guidlines. I have also suggested that now that weapons such as military type semi-automatic rifles and pistols have been moved from S1 to S5-Prohibited weapons, it would be far more efficient and cost effective to transfer the remaining S1 Sporting rifles to S2 which seems to be very cost effective and efficient. Pertinent to the most recent tragic events I have reminded him that the very vital background checks regarding the good character of the applicant and suitability to possess firearms remains the same regardless for S1 & 2 and surely it is these very checks that are far more relevant to public safety than whether you wish to shoot a Rabbit,Fox, Deer or Boar.
I hope that all members of this forum, regardless of whether you agree with my views or not, will write to your own M.P.s expressing your own personal views. They are swayed by the number of people contacting them and they do ignore standardised letters. No doubt supporters of the LACS and GCN will have already sent theirs. atb Tim