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Thread: Mod for .22lr

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    Mod for .22lr

    I have a Weihrauch silencer for a pneumatic air rifle, which makes it literally whisper quiet. From reading on the net, it appears that it is not strong enough for a .22lr. In the past, I had a SAK mod on my .22lr, but had to get rid of it. I am now in the need of a mod and was wondering what the board would recommend. My barrel is 1/2 UNF threaded and ideally the mod would be used for both air rifle and .22lr.

    Many thanks

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    I would go for SAK myself. For the price you pay you wouldn't get better. IMO or course. They cost less than 40 over here.
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    The Weihrauch sound mod is specifically for air weapons. if you look inside you should see a pink liner. It's a bit like a hair curler and is made of plastic. It wouldn't last long on a rimfire.
    As SS says the SAK is probably the best out there for the price and does the job.

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    +1 The SAK gets my vote to Conor, you won't be disappointed.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    I'd go for the SAK mod. The sako mod is probably just as good and slimmer profile but I can't remember how much it costs.

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    Sak it is. I am going through the paperwork for a "Sound Moderator" for my hunting guns.....

    I have just been quoted CHF 300 for a .22lr sound mod in Zurich, that's GBP 200 plus!

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    Adding something different. I use a scirroco mod on my sako quad which serves for both .17hmr and .22 LR



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    Use a SAK mod on my Weihrauch HW60. Great performer and have no reason to even look for an alternative.

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    I tested the Weihrauch: it is very quiet. But, I stripped the moderator and was surprised to see the flimsiest of hair curlers covered in a light felt! My dealer says that it would have a very short life on the .22lr. I'm just wondering if anybody has ever made their own silencer?

    Many thanks

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