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Thread: Chinese Water Deer and checking glands

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    Chinese Water Deer and checking glands

    Just been revising for my DSC1 and came across the fact that Chinese Water Deer are the only species in UK to have inguinal glands. Are these something that needs to be checked during the gralloch as with lymph nodes or are they entirely inconsequential to the process?

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    I'm probably about to answer my own question here, but the glands are nothing to do with Lymph Nodes so I imagine it is just an important biological trait to be aware of as a competent stalker rather than a requirement of the trained hunter inspection.

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    I had to look that up in the manual! You are right that the manual refers to inguinal scent glands. However, there are inguinal lymph nodes present in all mammals. If you had an infected wound in the hind limb, the inguinal nodes may well be enlarged.

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    As you say, you've answered your question - but all part of the fun of learning. Bear in mind you need little practical knowledge of the gralloch proper for L1, so don't worry about that level of detail - there's enough to learn in the wider sense as it is!

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