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Thread: Useful reference sheet

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    Useful reference sheet

    Hopefully this will be useful, the only thing missing are the Scottish and Irish open and close seasons, please don't be offended I simply ran out of room!

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    What a fab tool for those needing to learn - much easier to learn from pictures than all those words. Copyright it ASAP!

    ....and look forward to a second sheet for Scotland (there would have been too much info for one sheet anyway!)

    E t R
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    That's really useful - many thanks for sharing !

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    Thank you,very much appreciated.
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    Excellent, many thanks.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    and here is the Scottish one

    Adjusted for Scotland - hope I've got it right!

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    A really useful learning tool. Thanks for posting much appreciated.


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    Perfect adjman thanks very much very helpfull! cheers!

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    that is very useful, thanks
    randy little feckers those muntjac!!

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    Brilliant tool, PM inbound.

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