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Thread: which grain bullet

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    which grain bullet

    hi, i,ve got a sako 85 in 270 and was just after some feed back on which grain of bullet everyone use's for roe. cheers stav
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    I think that for UK shooting the 270 WCF is vastly over powerful with 130 grain factory loads, certainly when you are taking the roe at 100 yards.

    Shot my first roe with a 270 Winchester with Winchester's 130 grain Silvertip factory ammunition in the 1980s and wasn't happy with the damage on the "off" side.

    So my advice is to look at keeping that velocity down under 2,800fps. And since you are doing that you might as well use a heavier bullet.

    I've even now moved on from 140 grain bullets to 150 grain bullets in 270 Winchester.

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    A nice pedestrain 140gr SP at 2800 or thereabouts is the medicine. I have shot deer down to Muntjac with this without undue damage. 51.5gr N160 should get you this sort of speed.

    As above, factory 130gr's are nasty and too fast, I would only use these on Sika.

    If you are limited to factory ammo, try and get something like a 150gr Norma or RWS.

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    have shot a 270 for 20+ years and until last year it was fed exclusively with Norma 130gr.
    shot everything from foxes and hoodie crows to Red Stags and roe. does everything you will want

    its a very good bullet but with any calibre, bullet choice and placement will dictate carcase damage.

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