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    Evening all

    Quick intro - been out of shooting for a while but New Year's resolution is to get back into it for 2012, mostly shot .22 and shotgun in the past and even did a bit of ghillieing in the NW Highlands as a young fella. Still got my cabinet so that's a start!

    Happy New Year.

    Best wishes


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    Welcome to the site, Suilven is a place I am very familier with, having stalked the area for over 2 years in the past for the Assynt Foundation. Not my idea of fun climbing it though, although I have seen Red deer on the top of it!!!

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    Thanks Sikamalc, I was on the place in pre Assynt Foundation days. Aye it's a fair foot slog to the top, feeling sorry for yourself until you get there and find someone has built a dry stane dyke the whole way up!

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    Welcome to the site, you would not want to be up Suilvan on a day like today, it's wild up here, a touch breezy with horizontal rain and snow

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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