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Thread: A Big Thanks to a Young Stalkers

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    A Big Thanks to a Young Stalkers

    Attachment 11375I would like to say a big thankyou

    to a young guy by the name of Luke. He drove up to Leicester from Gilford today to take a nice red stag. It was a pleasure to be in his company for the day. He is only 25 but got his head screwed on. Took him onto the range 3 red deer targets 100,150,200 yrds and he was using a 300 win mag. Have to admit it was sweet and shot well. Made sure he could shoot and he could.

    We had soup and sandwiches then up the hills. The deer were having none of it But after a couple of hours Luke took a shot at 245 yrds. It was a blinder, it was a big animal 130+ kg and 300 win mag flattened him. It is only resently that I have been taking people out to shoot these deer. As I have shot them all myself for the past 12 years it is nice to see someone else take one out and enjoy it as much as I do.
    For a young guy Luke was not full of s**t nor did he claim to know it all. Just a decent young guy who enjoyed shooting deer. I could quite easily go stalking anywhere with him, good company and good fun, he is comming up at the end of January again to shoot again.

    Thank You again Luke you are welcome any time. Photo in Red Deer gallery( Young Buck with a Red Stag)

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    nice going bet he was well chuffed did you manage to get any pictures,atb wayne

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    lovely animal thanks,for the picture what age would he be .atb wayne

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    Luke should be chuffed he was a big help on a recent park cull. Bet he did't offer to carry that one for you.

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    He was a 3 year old not bad for his age

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    Luke kindly offered to chuck a hind over his shoulders and carry it for me I had to give him points for eagerness. Just wish we had had more time so he could blood his rifle.
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    He's a big F**k** and no he did not drag it or carry it. But we gave him and the deer a lift on the quad. Great guy

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    was this a enclosed deer or a wild one ??

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    well done buckbones,& well done Luke a cracking animal


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