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Thread: poppins deer sacks

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    poppins deer sacks

    i am now taking orders for roe and sika sacks.
    hard wearing sacks at affordable prices.
    special requirements available
    roe and sika sack repairs also under taken.
    replacement strapes,outers ,inners,eyelets
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    Bloody excellent they are too.
    Thanks very much for mine. Top kit.

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    Hi Poppins,

    Please can you remind me of the prices?
    Many thanks

    E t R
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    I can recommend Poppins both for her work and poppins being poppins; she is great to deal with and her products are the mutts nuts.

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    Hi Poppins,

    After hearing nothing but praise for your work, how much for a roe sack ?
    PM if you prefer,



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    I have one of Poppins' sika/fallow sacks, great piece of kit, highly recommend
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Any chance of pics or specs? Haven't come across them but in the market for the right one.

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    Pm me a price too thanks.

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