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    anyone a member of the minsterley ranges deer stalking club.
    just wondered if it was any good .

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    Hi Tolley,
    I was a member but ditched it as soon as I got some decent stalking. It helped me get my FAC and that was all it was good for! I'm still a member of Ministerley Ranges and attend regularly, I just feel that there are better stalking outfits to go with. Plus its not cheap!

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    thanks Beowulf, as a member what do you get do you have to go on there stalking as part of the membership.might be good to get the vermin control they offer on the ticket.

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    Minsterly stalking club

    Hi Tolley the current fee to the stalking club is 170 per annum and then 50 a stalk. Phil lynch who takes you out knows his stuff and is a good laugh.Deer a bit thin on the ground, but useful to aquire your sporting ticket etc.. You don't have to be a member of the rifle club to join its a seperate club.
    hope this helps you.

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    Hi Tolley,
    I stalked prior to Phil taking the stalking on, I went out with David Maddeley. Excellent chap but the deer were very short on the ground! Most stalkers use the deer club as a way to prove to the police, good reason to own a firearm, but stalk elsewhere. Minsterley also run DSC1 courses that may interest you. I had my stalking permission with Ministerley but did most of my stalking in the New Forest with a stalker called Bill Day whom I met at Minsterley quite by accident.
    If you are stuck for stalking go with Minsterley's Deer club. But as a member of the Shooting club you will meet just as many deer stalkers and you may even get an invite that way as I did! Minsterley Ranges is what you make it. I have no need to use it but still go at least four times a year, just to have a moan at the prices and catch up on the gossip, its good fun.
    Some of the NIMBY neighbours want it closed down, so I tend to go more now to show my support for the club.
    Good luck Tolley, see you at the Bog sometime! Maybe if you do go stalking, Phil can get you a nice Long haired Shropshire Fallow!

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    Thanks Beowulf
    will give them a bell in the week,sounds like they might have to close down, the locals seem to win most of the time.
    i see they have change there opening times in a bid to help matters.

    mgith see you there.

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    I'm a member of Minsterley and Offas Dyke Rifle Club, just in case the Nimby's get Minsterley closed, I can keep the police off my back by having another club to shoot at.
    I've had my ups and downs with Ministerley, but to see it closed would be terrible. Where are these neighbours who are complaining anyway? The range is miles from anywhere!

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    if it was to close how would the people that have had the range put on there ticket as a means to get the FAC?
    i wonder if the anti gun lobby have any thing to do with the complaints, there name comes up on a lot of these matters in one form or another.

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    I think you have a point about the anti gun goons. I notice also that the league against cruelty to hair brushes and soap have had a go at Prince William's Girlfriend about deer stalking on the Balmoral Estate. Its a needlessly cruel sport that will undermine the Royals credibility apparently.

    Lets shoot soap dodgers instead!

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