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Thread: 6.5 x 55 could this be the ultimate stalking round ?

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    6.5 x 55 could this be the ultimate stalking round ?

    Hello I the proud owner of a cz 550 in 6.5 x 55 with a t8 mod and a mediocre scope ( soon to be upgraded ) and I am new to stalking ,I took my first deer with john robsons sako in 6.5 x 55 and culled 5 red deer on new years eve with the afore mentioned cz of my own using lapua 155 grain soft points,I dropped 3 with boiler room shots and 2 with head shots,the head shots were instantly fatal and 2 out the 3 boiler room shots folded instantly and 3rd animal took 3 steps and then folded.Before selecting a calibre and applying for it I did my homework and spoke to alot of shooters and shot alot of their rifles some of which tried to knock my teeth out and dislocate my shoulder and after more thought and more reading I decided on the swede I dont know if it was because of the mild shooting,low recoil,keeping your sight picture,low pressure,varied bullet weight ( 100-160 grain ),low meat damage,or that with the correct bullet choice and correct shot placement it will tackle all 6 deer species in blighty,could I have got the ultimate stalking round from the off ?.......It has been around for 100 years or so , so are we stuck in our ways and slow on the uptake ,as the europeans use it for boar and also moose in scandinavia and it does the business for them !

    please discuss,cheers lee

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    No mate you should have read some of the threads on here, and got your self a 270 this is the Ultimate deer round full stop.

    PS as a newbie why are you head shooting?



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    As to hopfully going stalking on my own and hopefully be purchusing my first rifle soon it's nice to see your thought on such rifle.. As a newbie starting this conversation would probly hae worded it wrong so decided against it

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    A very good choice, i had one for about 7 years and shot a lot of animals with it, very easy calibre to like for all the reasons you have mentioned, the only reason i moved on from it to 30-06 was for wild boar in croatia/hungary, i know people will argue that a 6.5 will kill them but for me it had to be 30-06, i would love to have a 6.5 for some stalking at home but unfortunatley i have no more room for any more centrefire rifles, it is a very under-estimated round but very popular around where i am, good luck with it and dont scrimp on the scope.

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    Oh no...Please use the search facility.

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    if i had the pennies i would buy a really nice 6.5 x 55 and use it on glorious autunm mornings with frost and fallow emerging from the wood. but back to the real world and its a 308 for me. i also did lots of research and was amazed with what the scandnavians shoot with the 6.5. but here in britain we cant use it on boar so if the time comes i can at least go after boar with my 308

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    It is a fair round. I would not knock anyone shooting at any British deer with one. It does have limitations, namely a rather swoopy trajectory as a result of being one of the slower rounds, but even this is no hindrance to someone who learns to use their rifle on paper at any given range they plan to shoot deer at. I hope it gives you years of pleasure.
    There is an old saying 'beware the man with one rifle', and that would certainly hold true for someone who's only rifle was a 6.5x55.

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    wimp get a mans gun, 308 all the way.




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    Hello Thar,the 270 is a good round but recoil and meat damage can be excessive,now in answer to your question about head shots I am new to stalking but have been using rimmies on bunnies for a few years now ( head shots only ) and have spent many hours on the range and fired many many rounds at different ranges through the swede,on this particular cull it was necessary to drive the deer so i had a good backstop and when driving the deer they tend to bunch up sometimes quite tightly so as we were only after specific animals in the herd head shots were the best and cleanest options ( I was on a bipod over a landrover bonnet and the ranges were typically between 30-80 yards ) so this was the option I used,lee

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    Yes, i was going to add that your thread will be hijacked with lads telling you such and such is the best calibre, its whatever you are comfortable with, i shot hundreds of deer with my 6.5 at varying ranges, they do have their good and bad points but i loved mine, i wouldnt be swayed by other peoples opinions on the 6.5, some stalkers hate them, i personally think a good rifle man will do the biz with any gun.

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