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Thread: Hello from Australia...

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    Hello from Australia...

    My name is Ben.
    Growing up in a rural town in eastern Australia, I have been hunting small game all my life. Some for pest control and others for the table.
    In my 20's I moved on to the annual 'Out West Trip' which is part of most Australian hunters progression into the bigger stuff, with goats and pig the main targets.
    About 5 years ago, I found myself wanting a new challenge... deer stalking became my passion. While being relatively new to the sport, I have had a lot of fun, slowly gaining knowledge and experience as I go. I have had success with Fallow, Reds and the might Sambar. Some for meat and others for their trophy qualities (I'm a big believer in the idea of Let Them Go, Let Them Grow), plus taken a lot of photos along the way.

    Between pest control and stalking I have a few different calibers I hunt with, depending on the game and environment.
    .22lr .17hmr .357mag 12ga-SxS 12ga-U/O 2x.22-250 .270wsm .338fed

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    Welcome and enjoy the site.

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    Gday mate, I see you found it. Enjoy.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Ben, I look forward to hearing some of your story's.


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    Quote Originally Posted by scott9.3x62 View Post
    Gday mate, I see you found it. Enjoy.
    Yeah mate...
    Great site, still finding my way round... the gallery gets the blood

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    Woohoo, there's a few Aussies on here!

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    Hello Ben,

    Got some family out in WA in Perth. Never been to Australia, but read that some of the bigger Sambar can weigh as much as 550 kg. Impressive. Only been stalking a short time myself and my main motivation is for meat. I'm going home to Scotland for a few days in November to hunt red hinds in the Flow Country in Caithness.

    I'd be interested in seeing some of your photos

    Enjoy the SD.


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    HI Ben

    Spent quite some time in the east and up the top end helping to reduce the feral populations love to hear your stories.
    welcome to SD


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