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  • a member who attended very regularly and killed on site in season animals relentlessly

    3 14.29%
  • a member who occasionally visited and was not over zealous and culled only a few beasts annually

    15 71.43%
  • neither concerns me they come and go as they please

    3 14.29%
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Thread: Syndicate members required

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    Syndicate members required


    following on from a thread regarding good land i have the following question to ask of you all.
    Please answer as honestly as you can and if you wish to name yourself please do so.
    This is not trying to catch anyone out but an attempt to gauge the facts on recreational stalking lets from the lease holders view.

    As all sites vary in size, deer and crop i am basing my question on a long term established crop with no real replant on and i there is any it would be under 10% of lease size.
    do not base the question on an over run site with 1000s of new trees to protect.
    what i am trying to gauge the % of lease holders who would entertain an out and out slaughter on the lease.

    The question is what do you want from your syndicate member

    Ps, the three that said that they wanted a guy on the ground all day and night pm me lol always looking for new ground
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    Quote Originally Posted by centralbeltstalker View Post

    i have the following question to ask of you all.
    What's the question?

    Welcome back by the way Frank

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    I'm waiting with finger on the keyboard Frank,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Have you been doing the Times cryptic crossword while away Frank?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Ah... He was adding a poll!

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Have you been doing the Times cryptic crossword while away Frank?
    Something like that, older and wiser maybe lol

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    Frank it all comes down to the ground restock, etc,etc,etc.


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    Frank is this from a Lease holders view point or another syndicate members stand point?

    Welcome back


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    I think it would depend on what you need to do on the ground and the memberss. A few mates stalking a small area only needing a few taking off or a large block of forestry that needs the deer thinning out to help with new growth. As long as they stick to what they are entitled to it shouldn't matter. you always get a greedy gun. However i guess the killer would be the least favorite member.

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    I would want members to take their share of all duties, e.g. siting high seats and boxes, brashing (when required) and other maintainance, record keeping and submitting and of course... hitting planned cull targets, etc. That's to say I would ideally want all members of the syndicate to be "active" contributors and enjoy the whole experience, including a social side too. And... I'm happy to say this is pretty much exactly how our wee syndicate (of 6 now) has always worked, with special thanks to our "captain"

    None of your options really define the above so I'm sorry to say I couldn't vote in your poll.

    Btw, welcome back Proinsias

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