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Thread: Level 2 done and dusted

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    Level 2 done and dusted

    Pleased to say, after whinging on here not so long ago about the curse of the level two, early december went up to D&G did a 1 stalk=final ICR. Chuffed to bits had a phonecall off the assessor last night to ask a few suplimentary questions which went fine. Just wait fo it to come back with my certificate now! Whoop whoop

    Also like to say a big thanks to Chopti, he is a member on here but never actually logs on, regardless he has been a great mentor for me and helped me out with numerous stalks to try and get all three deer in the portfolio.

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    So the Curse has been Lifted !!! Well done
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    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    After five attempts to get the final ICR completed, and having the rifle on four deer with not shot available, I went out on the friday morning on the sixth of december and saw nine deer in twenty minutes and could have dropped four if I'd wanted. Deer, bit like buses!

    Cheers UB

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    Well done you.

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    well done adibrains its a good feeling when its all done
    atb tom

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    Congratulations on the DSC2 it is a nice feeling knowing you have completed it.

    I bet you haven't seen one of these:

    Yes I have got the bronze "correct" version, I might just have the silver level one gold leafed - should be easy to do - then I could post about the new DSC3 BDS have created, it wouldn't cause much of a stir would it ??

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    Well done let us know what number you are to pass the assessment.

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