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Thread: RCBS - excedllent service, again.

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    RCBS - excedllent service, again.

    I emailed RCBS asking to buy a couple of parts for my lube-a-matic 2 which had worn out. Goodness knows how many bullets this machine has lubed. The instant reply was that they are sending the parts under warranty, free of charge. How's that for service?
    The only thing wrong with RCBS is their choice of importer, GMK, who do not represent them well.

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    Nice to get something under warranty you weren't expecting. Normally when it's your right to have something under warranty you have to jump through hoops to get it!

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    I contacted them direct after having no joy with uk distributors, I wanted some replacement primer pocket brushes for my trim-mate, they sent me 2 sets of each f.o.c from the States.

    I would defiantly recommend them, great products and even better service.


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