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Thread: CZ 452 .22LR (Wood/Blue)

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    CZ 452 .22LR (Wood/Blue)

    For Sale

    CZ 452 .22 LR rimfire (right handed, wood/blued) with scope, mounts, silencer and slip

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    Rifle - is 15 years old, but seems to have spent quite a bit of time in a cabinet. The metal work is in good condition. The blueing is good and there are no big scratches or dings on the barrel or action. The bluing on the bolt handle, safety and trigger has worn, but only as expected on a rifle of this age. The rifling is crisp. The barrel length is 16", which is a practical yet accurate length for a rifle of this type. It cycles rounds flawlessly.

    The wood work is ok for its age. It's plain with a varnished finish. There are some dings and scratches but no splits, cracks or anything that compromises its operation. I did consider refinishing the wood, but decided not to bother as it's a working type of rifle rather than a show piece.

    Scope - is a Bushnell 3-9 x 40 with an illuminated reticule. The illumination is not to my taste - its very busy. I rarely switch it on. Its a budget scope, but is in good condition and holds zero. Mounts are standard types, but quite adequate.

    Silencer - is a SAK and is almost brand new.

    Slip - is a basic shaped nylon one which is quite old and has seen some action. However, the zip and handles are sound and it is fit for purpose.

    This is a no frills outfit, but it is reliable and accurate. I get sub 1 inch groups at 60 yards using Eley subs. Groups with Winchester and CCI subs are slightly wider, but still quite acceptable. It stabilises the higher velocity stuff (Stingers etc.) ok although accuracy is not as good as the subs.

    It's an ideal bunny gun / practice rifle - very cheap to feed and comes with one five shot and one ten shot magazine.

    I would be pleased for anyone who is interested to try it out at the Calton Moor Range, just outside Ashbourne.

    Price is 175 for the lot. It would make a superb first rifle for a novice or a reliable workhorse for an experienced shot.


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    Just what Iv'e been looking for to fill a slot on the FAC.

    Wrong side of Crimbo

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    I've sent you a PM.



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    Just what I'm looking for but not applying for myFAC until March, when I'll have completed my Probationary time at my club. Hopefully something like this will come up later in the year.

    Good luck

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    The CZ's are not rare, but finding a good one is the trick. They do vary a bit.

    Best of luck with your FAC etc.



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