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Thread: CWD Bucks

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    CWD Bucks

    Two CWD bucks on offer at an all inclusive price OF 500 each for two individual registered members of this site. PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE B&B IF REQUIRED.
    The two bucks will be high representative to medal and you get the carcass as well.
    This will be a morning and evening (if necessary) high seat and/or walk and stalk in the Norfolk area.
    After successful stalk I will remove head or cape if required but do not have time to prep a skull mount.
    Available now till first week in Feb.

    DSC 1 minimum requirment.
    No .22 centrefires

    PM if interested




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    Blimey, do people on this site have that sort of money to spare?
    If they do, I'm definitely out of my depth!!

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    Better get back to the shallow end


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    I have been stalking/shooting/controlling Deer for the last forty+ years but only recently come across the Commercial side of it.
    I am absolutely amazed at what a priviledge I have had for all the years that I did it and the money I could have made had I realised.
    Now I am retired/old I no longer have access to any stalking and cannot bring myself to pay to do something that I was paid or asked to do free and keep the carcass for expenses.

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    Re: CWD Bucks

    Quote Originally Posted by Max
    Two CWD bucks on offer at an all inclusive price OF 500 each
    No .22 centrefires

    Do you wear a mask!?
    If not you should. That's crazy money! I have never had to pay for stalking luckily and would certainly never pay anything like that if I had to. And why no .22 centrefire as it is perfectly legal?
    It is prices like this that make us appear elitist and gives deer stalking a bad name. Deer management should be about the welfare of the deer and not how much you can make out of it. It is also why the country is overcrowded with poor quality deer. If you shoot all the good ones all you are left with is genetically poor animals.
    You can probably guess that I am a deer 'manager' and not a trophy hunter!
    At least at that price they will probably be around for some time and hopefully pass on some of their genes.
    I appreciate that this is how some people make a living, but let's have a bit of reality please?

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    It amazes me that people always crack on about encouraging new blood into the sport,but at the end of the day its all about money.
    Strikes me you can get as much stalking as you want as long as you have access to a never ending supply of reddies !
    Looks like i will be joining EMcC in the shallow end

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    cwd stalk

    im with fletcher & EMcC, im just a novice trying to get into stalking but theres no way i can do it if thats the price. andy

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    Re: cwd stalk

    Quote Originally Posted by wint
    im with fletcher & EMcC, im just a novice trying to get into stalking but theres no way i can do it if thats the price. andy
    Rest easy, it isn't the price that needs to be paid if you wish to stalk in the UK.

    However, there are those who would consider for that particular species it was the going rate. Normally the European or American trophy collectors!

    Max, maybe you are advertising in the wrong place!


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    Look about guys ,you don,t have to pay that sort of money, I,m new to stalking, and have to pay for my stalking and certainly do not pay anything close to that . Brough

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    Water Deer

    Hi All,

    Just to set record straight, CWD are in short supply in all area's of Beds,Bucks,Cambs due to over hunting / poaching with long dogs as easy to catch by pikeies etc. Max's price of medal head cwd is cheap the ground rent in beds is high due to the influx of big bucks from the likes of deer management companies. The cost or a gold cwd at woburn was 900.00 last year and cull animals are 100 plus stalk fee. Max has not mentioned that fee but no doubt included that in cost. I was quoted 700 for a medal roe that stood up with west country deer stalking, and told him that it could carry on grazing, glad I did now. Main point is they are not roe, red, or sikka, muntjac they are in short supply, you pays your money take your choice.



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