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Thread: Hi, newbie in Devon / Somerset

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    Hi, newbie in Devon / Somerset

    Hi all, have been sitting in the wings of this forum for a while & thought I'd better join!
    I have been pigeon / pheasant / wildfowling etc... for many years but have been introduced to stalking by a friend over the past couple of years. I have a Sako 30-06, .22, 12G & 20G...& a great Sprocker Spaniel gundog.
    Cheers Jamie

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    Welcome Jamie 30.06 is a big un for a first deer rifle Wouldn't of got that if Dyfed Powys Police were your local constabulary.
    ATB Gaz

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    Welcome to the site Jamie. I'm on the Somerset border myself.
    A pat on the back is often just a recce for the knife.

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    Welcome to the site Jamie.
    I think i understand your title intro, you live in Somerset but want to live in Devon

    30-06 good for the boar to, very versatile choice of calibre.



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi jamie welcome to the site from another somerset member (blackdown hills) also have a sprocker in the team great little dog wouldnt be without her

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    Welcome aboard sir, I think you will be happier on the somerset side of the fence, I am polden hills ..Incidentally which Is your police force?
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    Two great choices - 30'06 and a Sprocker!

    You are going to go far!


    For professional guided Deer & Wild Boar Stalking, practical stalking intro's & Deer related training,
    DSC1 & 2 preparation & witnessing, Field Rifle coaching. Go to - or call me on Tel: 07798 771 062

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    Thanks for the welcome chaps. I'm a Devon boy living in Somerset, but would love to be back in the home lands. Issueing force is A&S.
    Have been shooting with a .243 for long time...upgrade to 30-06 & love it!

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