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Thread: LED lamping sale, gunlights and accessories.

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    LED lamping sale, gunlights and accessories.

    LED lamping sale, gunlights and accessories. All of these lights are “throwers” not “flooders”, ie they are designed to focus over a smaller width at extreme distance. This is what makes them good as gun lights as they focus their available power on the area seen through your scope. If you aren’t used to seeing LED lights just search the brand names on youtube to see someone testing them.

    First up is a Solarforce Skylight 1, this is exactly the same light that Clulite rebrand and sell as their own Masterlight Supreme for £145. It has a massively deep reflector 300 lumen cree LED and infinitely variable brightness and also a strobe function. The dimmer on this light is built into the tail cap and It also comes with a dedicated rifle mounting pressure pad switch that also has the dimmer built in. This is an incredibly tight beam and, as advertised, will illuminate well past 250 yards. It is hard anodised to military spec and waterproof. This has never been on a gun or out of the house and is effectively brand new. £39.

    Also to go with the Skylite/Masterlite (if required) is a Solarforce deluxe 110-240v charger and two brand new 18650 2400mah cells. I have charged these cells once only, just to test the light £20. Please note I will not sell the charger and batteries separately.

    Next is an Ultrafire “recoil” light this has 3 modes high. Low and strobe and is unique in that the LED shines backwards into the flashlight and bounces off a reflector mirror. This pushes the 230 lumen beam out almost parallel with no side spill whatsoever and the shape of the beam is square like the led emitter and the effect is quite stunning for such a physically small light. Again this lamp has never been mounted or used in earnest and is effectively brand new £17.

    R2 (230 lumen) red drop in with orange peel reflector and 5 memory modes. This is a specialist hunting lamp and it is the actual LED emitter that is red NOT the lens covering it! £5
    Inova X03 this is used but in very very good condition a beautifully crafted top end flashlight with single mode of around 200 lumens. It is fitted with a patented collimator lens that projects the beam in a tight spot £23

    All the above include pp fees or I am happy to do bank transfer and Basic Postage (insured up to £36 I think) and I’ll include a free set of new Duracell CR123s to whoever takes the X03 or ultrafire first.
    Thanks all

    Inova X03 below

    Skylite beam

    Skylite reflector

    X03 collimator lens (covered by an AR coated toughened glass front plate

    Red R2 led, sorry just couldnt photograph this properly!!

    Beam shot of the ultrafire recoil

    Inside the recoil

    Beam shot of the X03

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    I will take the recoil please.
    PM sent

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    pm sent. will take the skylight torch the batt's and charger if there still available.

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    ultrafire and inova are now sold and skylite is spf to chanty above thanks all

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    will take the skylite plus batteries and charger if still going

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