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Thread: Tanned skins

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    Tanned skins

    Anybody recommend a source for tanned deer skins?
    I don't think I can be faffed to tan my own despite the best of intentions.

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    Hopefully the above link works. Otherwise just type deer skins into ebay.

    All the best


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    Re: Tanned skins

    Quote Originally Posted by kingstonandy
    I don't think I can be faffed to tan my own despite the best of intentions.
    wot method would you use if you could be bothered
    if you don't me asking

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    Well I've never tried, but the battery acid method seems fairly straightforward. That or K-Tan which is a bit pricey.

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    cheers for that
    i am looking at tanning a few skins of my own and hav been given a recipe to try
    shall take a few weeks to do (about 8 weeks) and will post a few pics of the method and progress if all goes well
    won't start it till feb ,as i will hav a bit more time on my hands , i hope

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    I look forward to hearing how you get on.

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    skin tanning

    a cheap way to tan skins is with borax ,just make sure all flesh is cleaned off then sprinkle borax all over and rub in.the skins are fairly stiff ,but it works,you need to leave skins for some time to can be brought from chemists very cheap.

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    Is there something you can use to soften them after they have dried ?


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    I'm fairly sure Shooting Times ran an article last year, from a company in Devon/Cornwall area that will now do the whole job so long as you can del or post it quickly. I think they quoted approx 25 - 35 per skin. Iwill see if I can find it and pm you the detail's. If all else fails contact the magazine.

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