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Thread: Parachute jumps.

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    Parachute jumps.

    Who`s done them for charity??
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    Ring the Red Fred's in Neverhaven, they will sort you out be it a tandem or static line.

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    As a retired skydiver, I'd suggest a Tandem jump as being the best initial jump to go for. A simple static line 'Hop & Pop' is also great......but the buzz in freefall from much greater altitude is such a wheeeeze. Don't miss out !
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    Given what the army used to pay me it felt like charity.

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    Why would you want to leap out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Why would you want to leap out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft?

    Because you can! Try it it clears the mind!

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    Tandem free-fall, probably one of the best things I have done in my life!

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    What a great experience, did a number of jumps at Netheravon until one day i thought WHY... still look back at the video and laugh out loud though.

    Do it you will love it.

    I did it for the same charity as Neil r

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    My whole fire service watch did a day of Tandem Jumps. It was excellent, really enjoyed it, both the experience and also the laugh with the watch. I was the boss, and went first. It was all videoed and really funny hearing what they all said during the free fall part.

    Given the chance do it.

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