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Thread: Dsc1 Passed! :)

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    Dsc1 Passed! :)

    Hi all

    Yesterday I had a letter through from BASC, along with my DSC1 certificate chuffed to bits! I'm so happy that I chose to do the course, and that it is done and dusted now. At some point I will put up a thread regarding my experiences with the course, how I prepared, how I found the week etc., to help any other potential DSC1 applicants - a great idea that was suggested to me by another member of the site.
    Right now I am absolutely itching to get my application for a variation sent off! Although I am currently waiting to hear back from someone about me getting permission for the deer legal rifle on their land (I already shoot there with the .22 rimfire); I realise things will go a lot smoother if I already have land attached to the gun! If all goes well with that, I'll be sending off for the variation asap!
    Although I now have the big decision of first calibre....... not going to dwell on this and start another debate as I realise there's plenty of threads regarding this calibre vs that calibre already! It's pretty much narrowed down to .243 or 6.5x55. I lean towards one, then the other, then back again, it's 50/50! And this has been going on for weeks.... toss a coin methinks!

    Anyway, a HUGE thankyou to everyone on the forum who has helped me out, from helpful advice given on threads, to actually letting me join them on stalks - it's very very much appreciated, I'm learning more and more and getting more and more keen by the day!

    Cheers all

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    Well done mate.

    .243 is cheaper to run if using factory loads.
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    You can walk into pretty much any gun shop up and down the UK and get .243 ammo but you will struggle of 6.5 in most places. For sure they will get it for you, but not many will keep stock. If that is any help.

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    Congratulations on passing . The .243w is a good starting point. atb Tim

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    Again - well done. Regardless, it's a nice feeling when you have the paperwork in your hand.

    Happy hunting.
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    well done skinner.

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    Cheers all
    I think I will end up going for the .243 to be honest...... especially as I'm hopefully gonna be using the gun for both foxes and deer, it would be a good start!

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