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Thread: rifle from america

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    rifle from america

    hi all, the wife wants to go to america in june is it possible to buy a rifle out there and bring it back to the uk?

    thanks biker1

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    Not sure but this

    suggests just holding a slot for the firearm and entering it before importing. I guess there will be importation tax and VAT as well.
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    It may also be a problem in some states for a foreign national non resident to acquire firearms over the counter.

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    I bought 2 rifles in Kentucky in '99 and brought them back to Edinburgh. As is normal I got variations for the rifles I wanted to purchase and declared them at customs when I arrived in Edinburgh and paid the duty. Travelling on KLM/Northworst with rifles wasn't an issue (except they lost one and sent it to Glasgow). Between getting the variations and actually travelling back with the second rifle probably took me 3+ months.

    The issues I see lie at the US end. You will need to find a retailer who is willing to sell to you and you will need to pass the NICS background checks.

    If you already have a relationship with a retailer in the state you are going to, then speak to them. If you don't have a relationship with a retailer, then I think you will struggle to purchase a rifle. I think you will also need some form of US ID. They (quite rightly) just laughed at my Firearms Certificate. I did however have an Illinois FOID.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by biker1 View Post
    hi all, the wife wants to go to america in june is it possible to buy a rifle out there and bring it back to the uk?

    thanks biker1
    Do not know if you have a US gunshop in mind, Cabelas for instance, I would ask them what is needed for export. They should be keen to help as it means a sale.
    At the same time I would ask your local Firearms people what is needed for import.

    Would appreciate if you could post the answers.

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    Depends where you go in th USA each. State is different , also some airlines will not carry firearms as luggage only as cargo, I know continental will carry them, I was told you are allowed to import one gun without paying tax.

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    I half heartedly enquired about this when I was dying of frustration with Edgars waiting for my .45-70, knowing that the rifle I wanted could be bought off the shelf in the US... What I was told at the time (usual disclaimers apply!) was that getting one out of the US was the hard part. With the current export restrictions of firearms (and components of firearms) from the US, in order to take one out the country you'd need an a Department of State export licence.

    If you have a friend or relative in the US who can buy the firearm on your behalf and gift it to you, you can then make the normal provisions for travelling back with the firearm.

    On entering the UK you declare it at customs for duty etc, and they enter it on your licence in the normal way, filling your slot.

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    I looked into this a couple of years ago when my daughter was living in the States. The advice I was given by the ATF was that non resident aliens were forbiden to purchase firearms. I do not believe that the law has changed but would suggest you speak with the ATF for a definitive answer.

    "Nonimmigrant aliens generally are prohibited from possessing or receiving (purchasing) firearms and ammunition in the United States.

    There are exceptions to this general prohibition. The exceptions are as follows:

    1.nonimmigrant aliens who possess a valid (unexpired) hunting license or permit lawfully issued by a State in the United States;
    2.nonimmigrant aliens entering the United States to participate in a competitive target shooting event or to display firearms at a sports or hunting trade show sponsored by a national, State, or local firearms trade organization devoted to the collection, competitive use or other sporting use of firearms;
    3.certain diplomats, if the firearms are for official duties;
    4.officials of foreign governments, if the firearms are for official duties, or distinguished foreign visitors so designated by the U.S. State Department;
    5.foreign law enforcement officers of friendly foreign governments entering the United States on official law enforcement business; and
    6.persons who have received a waiver from the prohibition from the U.S. Attorney General.
    Significantly, even if a nonimmigrant alien falls within one of these exceptions, the nonimmigrant alien cannot purchase a firearm from a Federal firearms licensee (FFL) unless he or she (1) has an alien number or admission number from the Department of Homeland Security (formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service) and (2) can provide the FFL with documentation showing that he or she has resided in a State within the United States for 90 consecutive days immediately prior to the firearms transaction."

    [18 U.S.C. 922(g)(5)(b) and 922(y), 27 CFR 478.124, ATF Rul. 2004-1]

    Nonimmigrant aliens are persons traveling temporarily in the United States for business or pleasure, persons studying in the United States who maintain a foreign residence abroad, and certain foreign workers. Permanent resident aliens are not nonimmigrant aliens. Permanent resident aliens often are referred to as people with “green cards.”

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    i think you may have an issue with proof too as afaik the rifles brought into the uk have to be proofed before sale
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    Quote Originally Posted by landkeeper View Post
    i think you may have an issue with proof too as afaik the rifles brought into the uk have to be proofed before sale
    But if you are not selling it you do not have to have it proofed

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