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Thread: Fac help!!!

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    Fac help!!!

    Evening chaps,
    Have a little question i need answering, i have a licence fac but it is for land deemed suitable by the police and authrised for me to shoot on,im also under the condition of a mentor.
    Now here is the question i have had my licence coming up for 2 years and i want to put in a variation at the same time i want to try and get the conditions removed have a letter from my mentor etc, the other problem is when i send in a covering letter can i say i have been shooting numerous other areas/land with my mentor where it has not been deemed suitable to shoot by the police?But deemed suitable by my mentor?

    Yes my mentor is unconditied and has had firearms/stalking for well over 25years!
    The reason i havent done this before is i have done almost all my shooting/stalking with my mentor, problem is he is slowing down now and not able to shoot any where near as much if at all.
    I have my own stalking shooting i have just taken on as well as the stalking/shooting on my dads farm, i have just taken on 3500 acres and need to sort quite quickly as regards to land authoriastion.
    cheers guys Will

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    the simple answer is no to the covering letter only include any areas of ground that are passed for the rifle you use

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    As long as you were with your mentor i would say include all your experience's !

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    Be careful, if you have failed to comply with the conditions of your FAC then its game over. if your conditions state that your rifle is only to be used on XXX nominated piece of land and you charge in trying to impress, with a letter stating that you have been all over the shop with your rifle then expect to have you licence revoked. simple as that, you should know what your conditions are but ultimatley you should understand them - if its not clear to you then ask your FLO for an explanation.

    I get the feeling your not to sure, hence the thread. Find out fast if i where you, if you provide the exact wording of your conditions on your FAC i am sure SD members will interpret it for you.

    Hope you have not been upto things you shouldnt!


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    FAC conditions

    It is very simple and straightforward: you must, by law, adhere to all of the conditions on your FAC. If it says you can use your rifle on such-and-such a piece of land to shot such-and-such a species and you must be in the company of so-and-so then that it what you are authorised to do, and nothing else. If you breach any condition on your FAC then you commit a criminal offence. Even if you were lucky enough not to be prosecuted, deliberately going outside the conditions of your FAC is very likely to be taken as evidence that you are an irresponsible individual, shows a poor attitude to the law, public safety etc, and hence are unfit to hold an FAC. And you can expect a knock on the door from men in pointy hats armed with a warrant.

    If you want the conditions altered, you should write to the police explaining that you have been using your rifle for the stated purpose for two years without incident and would they kindly remove the territorial condition or at least add the such-and-such land. Enclose a letter from your friend confirming that he has accompanied you on numerous occasions, seen you handle your rifle safely, shot so many deer or whatever.


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    Guys i have talked to basc on this one, my licence oes not mention any mentor condition on it. However after talking to basc they have told me to include all stalking experiance with my mentor.
    Thanks for the replies cheers Will

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    Just to re iterate!, there is no basis in fireams law / home office guidance for this so called "Mentoring condition" , all of us are swimming in a legal cesspool of our own making here!, backed up by rubbish representation from our shooting orgs!...... but as you are already treading water, don't mention the mentor is slowing up!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Its not slowing up as such just work is in his way and he doesnt have as much time with his shift patterns, shame i do miss the old fella!

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    Just as i thought then " good luck !

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    finnbear is correct the mentor issue now seams to be the norm with police forces demanding you can only use your rifle when you are with your mentor what a load of crap.ask your firearm department to show you where it says you must only shoot with your mentor in the home office regulations.

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