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    LEI .17 HMR moderator


    HI all i have for sale an unused and not been fitted LEI .17 HMR mod it is in the stainless flavour and i have put it against my HMR and decided the stainless is not for me it is 2 months old and had no ammo through it and not fitted to a rifle.

    these are 150.00 in the shops.

    for sale for 115.00 posted.

    also this is not on ticket it came with me back from the US.

    would prefer bank transfer(quick easy and safe) but let me no although i do not and will not use paypal.

    i can supply pictures if requested but if you go on google and put in LEI moderators you can see the item i am assured they are very good at suppressing the crack from the HMR but think i will stick to my Wildcat till i can get a matte LEI for the HMR.

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    hi Paul

    i will take this please matey , wil do a bank transfer so just need your details( i take it is 1/2" x 20)
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