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Thread: Pure White Hind

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    Pure White Hind

    Thanks to my friend Terry, we were out and about the other day and encountered this White Sika Hind running with a big group of normal coloured Sika Hinds etc. Boy did it ever stand out among the trees. This animal was pure white not the more common sandy colour which you come acress from time to time
    Thanks Terry for a great time......


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    Unusual !
    I have seen white Roe and Reds but never a Sika.


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    cracking pictures ,hope to get some good ones myself now i have a decent camera and lens. shes a beauty is she often seen about i know she sticks out like a soar thumb but has she been around for a while,atb wayne

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    Sorry cant answer your questions about the hind as I was there as a guest, however she was a full grown mature animal so I guess she has been around the are for a while. great to see her about


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    Great capture,a real rarity.

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