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    I am thinking of getting a fox caller,can't afford a foxpro,just wondering what people think of the ucaller,cheers

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    we use one called in 3 new years day and 2 last nite just dont over use the dog call too much the vixen call quite realistic hope this helps

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    hi mate,i think all callers have there moment,i have used the ucaller and have had them running in on some nights,and then go another night and nothing,why not get the wam its a awesome bit of kit and wont break the bank at 12,i have got the mini colibri which i use to good affect but some times have to switch callers to get em coming.

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    Thanks for replies,should have said i have got wamand foxcall uk mouth calls ,have had some success,but just wondred whether you had better results with more consistant electronic callers,thanks again, cheers.

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    to be honest mate the mouth fox caller isnt working at the moment so i found its putting them off the more interested in shaggin than eating will do in a few weeks when vixens are heavy

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