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Thread: 4x4 Insurance -

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    4x4 Insurance -


    4x4 Insurance renewal coming up in two weeks, has anyone had a decent quote recently? My existing company wants almost 25% of the cars value this year!

    Any recommendations?


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    My renewal for my Mitsubishi came through at 483.00 with Admiral, went on and ended it up at 290 with Elephant.

    Stupid thing is Admiral own Elephant!

    Plus go through the web and get some nectar points, all helps in this day and age.

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    NFU are good (for me anyway)

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    i swaped t tescos yisdy saved 200 quid on mi disco

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    adrian flux 4x4 specialists under 300 for my landy.

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    NFU have always been very good to me and offer a much more personal service

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    +1 for Adrian Flux, used them for years and they've always been very competitive and helpful.

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    As previous poster recommending NFU.
    A bit old fashioned in as much they take all your details and phone you back with a quote. Its my second year with them for my Navara 55 plate.
    I always shop around come renewal time and they have been cheapest for me.


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    Whatever insurance you get make sure it covers off road activities, not all do.

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    Just renewed for the Frontera 354 with breakdown/recovery and home start for Comp cover through Nationwide off Go compare cover is by LV.

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