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Thread: tang safety

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    tang safety

    Hello fellow stalkers i am after a new rifle in 30.06 with a full tang safety any ideas.

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    Hi starr shot
    Browning x bolt, Browning a bolt,savage model 14 all have tang safety catches

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    X bolt is the best value for money out there just now with the full tang safety.

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    Just picked up a new X bolt and zeiss scope lovely.Thanks for the advice Geordieh and 308boy

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    Is the tang safety on these rifles the same, in how it works, as the tang safety of a shot gun?

    In that it DOES NOT block the hammer from falling (if the sear breaks) but merely blocks the triggers from being pulled?

    So that if dropped, or the sear breaks, that the hammer (or striker in the case of the rifle) can then go forward and ignite the loaded round in the chamber?

    Or is there a secondary (as on an expensive "best" gun), an intercepting, sear to "catch" the hammer (or striker in the case of the rifle) to arrest it from going fully forward and igniting the loaded round in he chamber?

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    The X-Bolt tang safety locks trigger and firing pin as well as lock the bolt shut.
    X-Bolt also has a bolt release button so you can unload a round with still in safe mode.


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