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Thread: Cull Stag.

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    Cull Stag.

    1st Jan. 09.
    Cull Red Stag on Kirkstone Pass, Cumbria.


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    He looks as though he has a spike head on the far side, and a very poor opposite antler. A good cull stag that one.

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    The Stags on this area are generally mediocre but this one should have been on the game-dealers hook before now.


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    Will that be over from Martindale or is there a good head of deer at the top of the valley?

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    They are part of what we call the `Martindale herd ` but are `heafed` on Rough Side , Kirkstone Pass .
    Up to 25 or so live on the area.
    I shot my first Red Deer , a tineless switch there in 1961 .

    Sorry for late reply but I have just returned from hols. today .

    HWH .

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    A `cast` Stag on the same mountainside on 5th. Feb . `09 .
    Probably the same Stag !


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    Thanks for the information HWH.

    Have you ever stalked on Martindale? I had the opportunity in the autumn, but unfortunately work commitments prevented me from attending. Plan to remedy that this year.

    A friend of mine has taken a fair number of deer from there of both sexes over the last year or two, and the weights of the beasts are tremendous! Are they true hill deer in that area, or do they have access to better feeding?


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    Aye .
    I have taken out paying guests there on behalf of the estate .

    The Martindale herd is pure hill stock but sometimes gets a boost by quality woodland stags moving in from the Windermere area for the rut .
    During Winter many share the feed put out for the sheep but the farmers are not too happy when the Deer gobble the Rumevite blocks placed out for the sheep !

    I managed the adjoining area for 26 years for the current owners until I retired following open heart surgery a few years ago . I have stalked many of those mountans since 1961 .


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    Another cull Stag off the area .

    HWH .

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    An evening visit to Martindale .
    Red Hinds down off the mountain grazing with the sheep , some evenings about 70 - 80 may be seen .

    HWH .

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