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Thread: advice of defender 90 value

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    advice of defender 90 value

    i have a defender 90, on a H plate (1990). covered 89800 miles.

    just replaced riped seats with new covers and foam and fitted new door seals and alternator.

    its a cab type with ifor williams back,

    Was looking for advice on value,

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    hi, i,d have alook on fleabay it will give you a rough idea what it's worth. i,m after a cheap 110 f reg onwards cheaper the better for a full rebuild project. stav
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    Not enough info to go on. Whilst always worth doing the cosmetics like seats etc if the chassis is rotting away with rust, rear cross member in need of replacement, bulk head needing tlc, engine/gearbox/transfer box having seen better days, steering box badly leaking oil, rear tub needing replaced and the list goes on so the value drops away. Low mileage can be good but a 21 year old motor with almost 90,000 that's just over 4200 miles a year. If it's been lying about doing nothing for long periods this can be not good. 1990 model will be a 200TDi. Good engine if it has been looked after. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of well looked after 1990 Defenders making good money but there is also a lot of not so good examples.

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    +1 on Gazza.. I had a J plate 200tdi SWB truck cab. It had 120000 on the clock but had a solid chassis, bulkhead and a new crossmember. It also had a set of freestyle alloys, 5 new GGs and an Ifor williams back. I resprayed it and sold it for about 3300 if i remember rightly..

    To be honest, you cant go wrong with landies as they hold their value well however dont expect to recoup all of your costs if you bling it up! I tried to keep mine as standard as possible but just look after it. Between you and me lol i didnt lose any money on it at all.. may have even made a bit!

    Pick your time of year to buy and sell too ie sell in oct/nov and buy in summer..

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    thanks for the advice, the bulkhead is good along with crossmember, underneath it has has one bit of welding, other than that its soild.

    Noticed it when i waxoil the bottom

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