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Thread: 2 guns, one cabinet, one entitlement

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    2 guns, one cabinet, one entitlement

    This might not make sense but please bear with me, I'm buying a 6.5 from a friend in Scotland when he gets his replacement, to save me busting my hump to load my car up with clothes, boots and assorted paraphenalia then drive nearly 300 miles with a firearm in the back every time I go shooting with him, can I leave my 6.5 in his cabinet along with his new one even though he only has the entitlement for one 6.5 on his FAC? I asked the constabulary down here to be told "its OK as long as I tell them where it is if I move it" (take it home?).

    If it can be done, I'll take some shooting clothes and boots with me the next time I go, leave them with him and I can get the train up after that carrying a holdall.

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    I'm no expert by any means, but my understanding of it is that if he were to store your gun for you, he would also have to have it entered on his FAC - although its best to get him to check with his local FLO and ask the question, and also sound them out as to whether they would be ok with him having this second rifle added to his FAC for storage purposes. If so (and he is willing to apply for the variation - possibly with you picking up the fee?) then you could still do as you said and store it there.


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    I have a similar arrangement with a couple of people , where I keep there rifles, these rifles are on my fac, it's not a problem with Northern Constab.
    As long as his Constab are fine with it no probs.

    Remember to get him to allow for your ammo on his cert. if you get ammo from him remember to sign it on your cert. and vice versu.

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    If it goes on his FAC it might also be worth being explicit about ownership. You don't want him selling it if you have a bust up and you might need to prove it one day.

    Apologies for being perhaps negative but its best to sort it out beforehand.


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