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Thread: hunter classics in pink

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    hunter classics in pink

    Bought my girlfreind a pair of hunter classics in pink for christmas. as aspected, she loved them.

    Major browny points earnt, and less likly to go crazy when i change my plans last min to go shooting.

    Lads, hunters are a way to a womens heart.

    Quality of the boot and service from uttings were exellent.

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    there is that, would of thought with all the modern materials someone would of come up with one that doesnt make ur feet feel like they are in icey water all day.

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    I do like hunters in the summer time if I need them but in the winter unless your on the move they are hopeless.

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    i have le chameau wellies and unless its soaking wet (which in wales is quite often) then i try and avoid them,

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    buy them big and put some decent insoles in.
    I have a pair of aigles that were transformed by a pair of insoles, comfortable, warm and much more forgiving when walking long distances

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    Also, never had cold feet with Bridgedale Endurance heavyweight socks, but need 1/2 size bigger wellies for them compared to summer sport socks.
    Oh, and girlfriend loves her pink wellies too!

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