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Thread: Your knowledge is needed

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    Your knowledge is needed

    It's not stalking but I was asked about a courier, somebody wants a kiddies size quad couriered up here from down in England. I saw an ad the other day with a website to go to and it was something about putting your requirements on there and then haulage contractors bid on the job, they fill up spaces on truck and avoid running empty etc. Do any of the knowledgeable folk on here have any clues they can off please.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello John,
    In response to your question re the couriers, I have used them several times.
    The one I have used is called Shiplys and have been very happy the few times I have used them.
    the way it works is you go online to their website and put in details of what you want moved from and to ect. If its an ebay item, there is even a feature to put the item number on.
    Anyway, couriers then view the "jobs" and give a quote which is valid only between certain times and dates.
    I have bought heavy items of furniture on ebay using them which otherwise I could not have done.
    The last time I bought an old 70s Globe drinks cabinet thingy which was picked up from the South coast and delivered to my home in South Lanarkshire by a guy who was a self employed courier and stayed about 20 mins from my house.
    I cannot remember the exact cost but it was very reasonable.
    Hope this helps you anyway.

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    If you can get it put onto a pallet, any of the big pallet networks should be able to collect and deliver to the highlands for around 80.
    I use Palletways for all my UK deliveries.

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    Thems the buggers, I knew you boys would come up trumps, tahnk you

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Thems the buggers, I knew you boys would come up trumps, tahnk you

    If you go through Shiply, don't accept early bids. I had an item shipped- bidding started at 245 (I think) I ended up paying 110. The bid prices came down over the course of a couple of days. OK if you're not in too much of a rush.
    Hope this helps.

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    The guys over on the RIB (boat) forum I sometimes visit all recommend these people:

    Speedshift Ltd - Pallet delivery to over 34 countries

    run by one of the members over there... need pallet uplift - RIBnet Forums


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    Dalkeith transport <>; moved my grizzly quad for 90. Pallets from 50. All they require is the quad on a pallet. post code either end. Watch the postcodes. some are cheaper than others. My code for a pallet Was 50+vat while my daughters code (iwas on holiday) cost me 70+ Vat We are 6 miles appart but she is a ML I am an EH. They operate through palletline.

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    Surly there must be some one heading north for a bit of deer stalking Jon and a free crack at the sika and look at sues fried eggs might have you item there in no time at all.

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    +1 on Shiplys - I had an oak conservatory picked up in Liverpool and delivered to the east of Norfolk for 120!


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