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    McMillan Stocks

    I have a Sako Finnlight .308 that I use for all my stalking. It has a R/H stock and although I am right handed I shoot off my left shoulder. I've thought about getting a L/H rifle but I've had the Sako for years and it's like an old friend. I see McMillan do L/H stocks for right handed Sako actions and this solution would seem to be ideal.
    The question is would the new Mcmillan stock and action need bedding in by a gunsmith?

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    I have just fitted a McMillan Varmint stock to my Winchester Stealth II in .308 and without any Pillar bedding etc it shoots sub half inch groups at 100 yards. So I see no point in paying out for bedding, how much of a tighter group do you need for Deer? I am sure someone will advise me differently and suggest the bedding has to be done regardless, but why not try yours first and see.

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    Completely agree with mutley.

    I spoke to Peter Jackson about a Mcm stock for my Tikka, and asked the same question re: bedding.

    His advice was as follows.

    The quality of the stocks fit has improved markedly over the last few years, and unless you are shooting benchrest competition type stuff, then his advice is firstly to shoot the rifle in the new stock before bedding. You will probably find it is unecessary, unless you want to shoot a gnats left testicle at 300 yards.

    Try it first, before spending anymore dosh. If it shoots, you've saved yourself enough for a day or two stalking.

    Good luck.

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    i know they are raved about the mcm but boy they are pig ugly just my personal op

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    Thanks for the information regarding McMillan stocks I'll get one and see how it shoots first as suggested.

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    Bedding is better, no matter what people say. I think a rifle is only half built if it is not bedded.
    Some stocks are not too bad without bedding because the fit is very good and the material
    is compression strong. Other stocks might fit ok but the inlet area is just too soft and gives way
    under recoil over time. I've tested 5 identical composite stocks from production (not bedded) , one stock after the
    other screwed onto the action of a 22-250, group was 1/2" but these stocks have very strong inlets.
    Many forget to bed the bottom metal which is also important.

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