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Thread: Illuminated Reticle

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    Illuminated Reticle

    Just wanted an opinion on Illuminated reticle scopes. I have noticed that most if not all the medium to top end scopes
    vary greatly in some cases in price, as to whether or not the have Illuminated Riticles in them.
    How do you the fellow members actually feel about illuminated scopes ?, do you feel their worth the extra money
    spent or just a waste of time and its something that spoils the clarity of some scopes after being turned on
    especially in twighlight or lamping conditions.


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    I have a selection of scopes some illuminated some not. Reality I rarely use the illumination. It is therefore not someting I would make a decision on for any future purchase. Clarity of glass and fine recticle seem most important to me.

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    I have a Swarovski and a Schmidt and Bender, both have an illuminated reticle and I don't think I would buy another scope without it. Benefits are almost instantaneous target acquisition even with a very fine cross-hair and the ability to put the cross-hair on a dark target in dark surroundings, (pig shooting especially). I turn mine on when I arrive and don't turn it off until I'm leaving the woods. On the lowest settings they are really useful if you want to put a really fine reticle on a lamped fox quickly.

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    I have them on my scopes, better to have and not need than need and not have. I do use the one on my 22-250 often it is used for deer and foxing, it has a very fine reticule. The one on my .270 rarely used, but would like the option.

    Both my scopes have variabe illumination settings, I would think to have a single ON/OFF setting would be very unusable, the 11 settings on both my S&B's has it's advantages.

    If you can afford the extra, go for it, if not, then don't.....I wouldn't buy another top end scope without it.

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    i would say essential esp if you shoot foxes. if money is tight then Meopta is the one to buy.


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