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Thread: This would get you to some remote areas!!!

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    This would get you to some remote areas!!!

    Just past the 1minute is where it gets more interesting.

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    That is fantastic. Never seen anything like it. If it was not for the fact that I am scared of hights and a coward I would love to give that a go.

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    Think I'll walk if it's all the same

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    Awesome although on some of the shots I would have expected the material to be flapping more than it appeared to be but bloody awesome, oh I wish I was twenty years younger, talk about a hot insertion or extraction.

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    I wish I was that brave/stupid

    Amazing to watch , ******* nutters

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    Man o Man just a little yonger and a little less married!!

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    Looks Fantastic, I wouldn't fancy trying to get life insurance to do that!!


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    Brilliant - looks like a lot of fun. Get similar on a paraglider when we have good weather in the Scottish Highlands - but am only going at c20mph past the rock faces. 100 mph would be a lot more fun.

    Heym SR20

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