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Thread: Monster hill fox and biggest for years!

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    Monster hill fox and biggest for years!

    Having never shot a hill fox as big as below and after seeing pictures of monsters getting into the 30lb region recently on fieldsports I was wondering how big they get around yours and is there a big difference between hill and lowland foxes especially around urban aeas?

    So I got asked to go out for a look around with a mate Jack on his hill farm and over next doors on thursday night. We had young Chris out too as our gate opener and fetcher. Handy little fellow . 30 minutes in and with one fox already down we clock one out on the hill at a good 300 meters. Just happy keeping its distance beside a dead ewe with a strong diagonal wind pushing in from right to left it was mooching around the carcass.

    So a bit of thinking and Jack detemined for me to send a round at it, i'm sitting on the roof steady as you get and give it 9 inches for windage and a mildot and a half for drop and boof, love my .308 . After the shot and a fair delay there was a good pop and we laughed with a good 'whay dick 'ed' at it. I could see I hit is a bit back and low but it was down and only had a few second of movement.

    Chris went out on the fetch and after ages getting out and acoss the hill came back with it and well done to the lad it was a fair treck across the soft rushy gound to get it. I've never seen a beast like this out on hill farms around us here. 20lb after a good bleed out and young Chris is a tad under 6ft!

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    20lb is a good sized fox. Biggest weve ever shot was 21 1/2 Lb. I think the average fox around us is probably 14 - 16 Lb.

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    Well done mate sounds a cracking shot especially in the wind Defo a big boy.

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    Foxhunter i would like too see you lift that bugger over the electric fence by the tail
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solwaystalker View Post
    Foxhunter i would like too see you lift that bugger over the electric fence by the tail
    Fancy laughing at my expense

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    Around here - that is, from the edge of Exmoor to the lower ground near Crediton, I consider a fox to be a good size if it goes over 20 lbs. I see quite a few in this range, but sadly I didn't have any scales to hand when I shot the biggest one. I'd estimate it to have been several pounds heavier than the 24-lber I shot last year. Most of the ones I shoot are in the 15 - 19 lbs range.

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    This fellow killed 9 lambs in a week before he paid the price,tipped the scale a little over20lb, which is far bigger than normal around here,taken at 450yds

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    I worked terrier all my young life shot foxes into the hundreds every year under the lamp and most were well short of 15 lb but we did get a few that were huge but i never got the scales out. But what we do know is most times it the decrepit old vixen struggling to feed her offspring that can really cause the problems.
    PS paul good shot and way out of my league

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    that's a great picture mate, size wise I don't think our normal foxes get over 15lb either but we do get the odd long one but they are normally quite lean. With the 150 ewes on the farm and lambing in sight now, it keeps mr farmer happy anyway. I think I've earned my next deer from the place for sure...

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    the biggest ive had down here was 28lb , the biggest ive seen was bolted with a terrier and shot by 2 of us , for those who have read Johny Blucks book digging the dirt vol 2 this was the last fox red Bruno worked in the first chapter , a pair bolted the dog fox was 30lb , Bruno died a couple of days later
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