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Thread: sako75 picatinny rail

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    sako75 picatinny rail

    Hi all. Does anyone know of a manufacturer of picatinny rails specifically for the sako action? Want one that fits directly onto the dovetails for a nice low mount.

    Any info greatly appreciated



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    NEAR Manufacturing in Canada produce one for the 75 actions, and is highly rated over "The Pond". I have one fitted to my Sako 75 III action, which is going for proof this week, and so unfortunately I don't have any photos yet. Drop a mail to Richard Near , he is a real gent to deal with.

    There is another manufacturer in Germany, BUT the product is M Mouse grade IMHO. PM me if you want details.


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    Thanks mate, that may save a lot of headache. I'll checkout the webby and emither the guy directly

    Many thanks


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    The guy is indeed a pleasure to deal with. One of the rails is now winging its way to me. Will post an update once fitted.



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    Excellent !

    I am pleased it worked out for you, don't forget to show us a pic when its fitted. I'll put one up of mine. once it is returned from proof and Duracoating.


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    I had a Richard Near rail and rings on my Sako, absolutely top notch equipment, and a pleasure to deal with.

    Gareth, any chance you could PM what you paid for the rail? I might be following the same path as you in the near future.

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    I have just received some pics of the NEAR rail installed on the Sako 75-III action, miight be of interest or at least whet your appetite while waiting for the Postie to arrive !

    The bolt has also been fluted, and a Badger style bolt knob fitted.


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    Hi T260, that looks good! Speaking to Richard he said that that style (fitting directly onto the dovetails) was the old style. He supplied me with the new style which has two small projections into the ejection port and a lug that fits into the recess for the recoil pin on the rear dovetail. You then drill and tap for two screws one in each dovetail. I guess you would have had to drill and tap to mount the old style too? He said that the advantage was that the new style could be made thinner (lower). So thats what I went for. I now find that my Apel rings hold the scope a bit too high but I may live with that for a while once its settled in and shooting. Will post pics as soon as fitted.



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    sorry for a potentially daft question but what is the advantages of this type of mounting system?


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    Not daft at all..... the rail helps to stiffen the action up a little, and gives a virtually 'bombproof' scope mounting, with useful adjustment for and aft. Having said that, there was nothing wrong with the previous set up with Optilocks either.

    Really a 'nice to have' as part of the customising package;; same as the fluted bolt and larger bolt knob.


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