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    Swazi Shirts

    Three years ago i bought a Swazi micro shirt and a prohunter shirt. I'm very impresst wiht both bits of kit. A lot of our hunting is standing around dog hunting like yesterday it was -7 and with the Swazi on and a Gore tex coat i was perfectly warm. I was out at first light this morning -14 laying a tracking trail for the dog. This time i had on the Swazi shirts and my old Helly Hansen field jacket. still nice and warm. After 3 seasons wear the only small thing i have found is that the cuffs are a bit tight around the wrists. But i do have big wrists.

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    I've a couple of the micro shirts, excellent kit

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    I too have a load of Swazi, top kit. I find the Micro-shirt a bit hot unless it is really cold or I am "highseating". I tend to go for a marino wool tee-shirt for a base layer when stalking normally. Aldi have some Marino wool tops in for 15, better than the 45/50 you normally pay for one.

    Best rgds


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    Will have a look for some in Inverness tommorrow

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    I keep meaning to go into Inverness and have a look at that new Aldi shop, give us a clue as to what they have in there please.


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