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Thread: Deer at road side.

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    Deer at road side.

    This could be a really novice question. But does anyone ever get called in to deal with deer at the road side on main roads onto prevent RTA or is it o ly after RTA have happenend? It's just while driving along the m8 at 2am last night i spotted a group of 4 roe and within another half mile another group of 2 roe all within 5-10 yards happily feeding from the hard shoulder. I know there would be all sorts of safety concerns but got me thinking.

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    Only after I think mate and then only if you've signed up to a warden scheme.
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    David no one shoots the area you are talking about and certainly not that close to the roads. The deer are safer there than they are over the hills were there will be 20 hairy assed lurcher lads just waiting for an opportunity

    Near to the fort by any chance.

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    Spot on 6pointer. Didn't think they would that close to the road but was just curious.

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    Being based in Glasgow and working nightshift used to enjoy seeing the deer on the verge at the hard shoulder just where you mention.
    A few miles away on the new section of the M77 there are lots of them on the verge even during the day and at rush hour times.
    They even have warnings displayed on the overhead gantry warning you of deer on the verge.
    As 6pointer says, its safer there. Some of the scheme dwellers are breeding lurchers and greyhounds with Staffies specifically to hunt them.

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    Bob there away now mate but were culled humainly.

    Culling that close to the road net work is not for the faint hearted.

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    Know where you mean on the m77 as well bobthedug, used to enjoy passing them as well when heading home from work just before dark.

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    These are a traffic hazard but if you shot at them you would have your F.A.C. revoked and be before the courts.
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    nice pictures. Yeah a knew if you ever dared present a firearm and use it so close to a main road they would have your FAC before you could speak. I was curious if anyone was called out for such activity by police or such to prevent RTA's knew it was a long shot but was curious. ATB David

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    I was driving to work down the M5 near Bridgewater last autumn when a young stag ran down the grass verge about 20 yards in front of me. The deer hesitated and then started to move into the road in front of me. I hit the brakes and the horn which did no good and was waiting for the impact when the lorry behind hit its horn, and luckily for mr the deer turned and ran back up the grass verge. at that point it was maybe 5 yards in front of the bonnet when it turned.. I did wonder what the law was on removing deer like these.

    As I was driving my wifes Citreon C1 that day I think I would have come a very poor 2nd if the deer and I had collided.

    Big thanks to the lorry driver behind me with the big horn who saved my day.



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