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Thread: Sometimes it's just right under your nose!

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    Sometimes it's just right under your nose!

    I went to a farm just up the road from me this morning, to try & break the deadlock with the Fireball scattergun, whilst waiting for my farmer to re emerge from his breakfast, before collaring him to check OK to proceed,I spoke to a guy in a van who rolled past me into the rear of the property, turns out he lives around 400 yards from me!! , down a dead end I don't frequent, we started to chat, cutting a long story short, It ends up with me letting him have my card, he wants to pass it on to his FC contact, for some vermin shooting, where he has some control over timberland (no deer present)!...Would just have to source some commercial insurance as my B.A.S.C. cover won't operate, as payments for this work will be involved!!! Hope this one doesn't fall through!, As to the scattergun..... it's safe enough now, to shoot bunnies & fox on the lamp, but not quite good enough yet to shoot comps with , H322 @ 17 grains, under a Hornady 25 grain HP....I also took this opportunity to tune the .223 load, N140 @ 24.5 grains under a Nosler 55 grain SP flat base, puts five rounds into a ragged hole @ 100yds.
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    Good to hear you got lucky Steve.
    Keep up the good work.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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